I work with Three
types of coaches

#1.   Coaches who want to bring Learn to market and Sell through real relationships

When I first started coaching I did all the things they said to do.  I set up my web page.  I posted.  I blogged.  I sent cold messages.

I thought clients would just come, but they didn’t.

Then I heard a speaker talk about the power of connection and how stories can build know, like and trust faster than ads and cold marketing.

I couldn’t take notes fast enough.  This was the magic I had been wanting.

So I combined my 18 years experience of teaching writing, my in personal communication skills I developed selling pink lipsticks in college, and online organic marketing strategies  and BAM!

I went from signing 1 client out of 13 consults to for clients in a week.

Then 10 in less than 6 weeks.

The process that got me to that is what I share inside my Inner Circle Group Coaching Program.

This isn’t entry level information though. It’s next level marketing and relationship building.

I set my clients up for a fast track to their first six figures because once you know how to create clients at will…. you can do it again and again.

#2  High Performance Coaches who are already signing clients, but want to double their clients WITHOUT doubling Their work time or effort. 

You have done all the things since you started, but still you feel like you are missing the magic sauce to taking your business to the next level.

Yes, you are signing clients, but the ones who’ve already signed, feel like a fluke.

If they weren’t a fluke…then the things you’ve already been doing would be consistently creating MORE clients. Obviously!

You know that you need something more.

The good news is all your hard work and consistency has given you a foundation to build on.

It’s just time to step into the next part of the journey.

But how?

And it’s simple. We start with the structure of your business​:

1. We set it up so it’s ready to grow.

2. We set it up so you know exactly what to be doing in your business (and what NOT to be doing)

3. We create a baseline of what you believe in your business, both from the space of your goal being done AND while you’re in process of the goal.

4.  We do it all while making sure you have more time for you, your family and the things that you need… after all isn’t that why you went into buisness for yourself.


 Together in the private coaching space we will help you…


  • Set a goal, hit the goal and know exactly how you do it (so you know how to KEEP doing it)
  • Develop your offer into one that you love selling and your person loves buying (this will insure you know exactly how to communicate it in marketing and on consults)
  • Get clear on your clients map and know how to take them from new friend all the way to paying client without putting you in to grinding mode.
  • Create more conversations and connection with your dream clients so when you get them on the call, they are already a yes and conversion is faster
  • Manage yourself through the normal ups and downs of business (so your can focus on serving your person instead of being consumed by the normal turmoil of growth)
  • Develop a vision of the business you’re creating and start creating it now (this vision will show you exactly where your work is today to make it possible)

No more guess work.

This is the process I used for signing high ticket clients and hitting 5 figure months and having three day weekends every week.   It works.

This could be what you have been searching for.

#3  Advanced Coaches who have established coaching programs and a 6 figure business that want a focused intensive to update messaging, program offers or their curriculum.


What you have worked to get you where you want to go, but you have been reflecting and refining.  You know it is time to update your messaging. 

If fact you want that updated message and branding to be all on a one page cheat sheet that you can quickly reference or share with your team. (keeping everyone on the same page). This is what we do inside of Messaging Intensive.  


Or you know that it is time to update your program and curriculum.  Things have changed since you started, but you have been putting it off because you know it will take time. 

In a curriculum intensive you get my 25 years of curriculum development to guide you in getting your program updated or even completely overhauled.

We develop YOUR customized program curriculum map, lesson ideas, client activities, and pacing for your program.  We even calendar the implementation process of bringing your updated program live.


Want to talk out which option is best for you?  Let’s chat.

Happy Clients

“I’m nearing the end of my 12 week program, and although I was hesitant to open up and dig deep, I’m glad I did this! Angela has helped me peel back the layers to discover what’s been holding me back in progressing in my journey. My mindset has done a complete 180! I feel confident in making choices, and that hasn’t always been the case. I’m beyond thankful for Angela and the encouragement she has given me. Putting all of her practices in place have truly helped me transform!” ~Kelsey

“Angela has truly been an amazing coach. She has been so encouraging and inspirational. I have learned so much about myself through this journey. Thank you Angela!”  ~Lisa

“After struggling in my mindset BIG TIME for years, I realized that I was now at the point where I needed someone else to point me in the right directions for my life and mind struggles, and by point me I mean ask me the questions to where I would finally answer my own-self.  More often than not, I would sit back and go “Wow, I had no idea this is the thought/answer to that question. I had no idea I was even hanging on to that/thinking it. I had no idea *this* is keeping me stuck.”
After almost 6 months of coaching,
  • I have learned not to fall into overwhelm, but to realize it is there and move out of it.
  • I have learned to sit still and listen (& this is huge with some major things happening right now)
  • I have learned I am just at the tip of the iceberg with some things. With others, I am defeating them.

Plus my income has doubled, I have ranked up, and one a trip!

I didn’t have to dig into the past, I am determining (aka listening) to who God’s wants me to be and instead of digging my heels into my own fears, I am living out loud in the present, and building up for the future!
I am so grateful for Angela pouring into me.
If you feel stuck or frustrated with *yourself* you need to get in touch with Angela.
Yes, that bit of fear you might have had…all the:
what ifs….
maybe not nows…
maybe I can do it on my own stills…
If what you’re doing isn’t working, or isn’t getting you the results you want.
If you are ready to be challenged and have growth spurts and laugh along the way, Angela is your coach!”