Wanna kick your trash talking mean girl to the curb?

It's time to start BEing a courageous and confident CEO of your life and business.

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Wanna silence your inner mean girl, so you can unleash your success and start BEing the Courageous, Confident CEO of your life and business!

??‍♀️It’s time to silence that inner mean girl that is trash talking and ruining your business mindset?

??‍?It’s time to quit thinking you can fake it till you make it, you know that doesn’t work.

??‍♀️It’s time to stop the self sabotage that is keeping your business from exploding to 6 figures!

For the sake of sounding overly dramatic here—your entire success in business,  getting your soul mate clients, 10X-ing your sales goals, and hitting 6 figures IS dependent on how you talk to yourself.  

So, how is yours inner critic sounding?


This 5 day training project will focus on:

  1. What does it mean to be a confident CEO of your life and business?


  2. What your inner mean girl is saying to you that is sabotaging your business, and how to silence the trash talk.


  3. What are the business benefits to shifting into confidence and why you need this to hit the 6 figures.


  4. How the negative self talk is making you half-*ass your habits, and a simple strategy to move into success based habits that lead to increased profit.


  5. Why haven’t I been able to do that on my own and what to do about it.


  6. A simple step by step model to step from courage 2 confidence in as little as 5 days.