Today we are talking about confidently leading your team. Friend, most people think for you will be a good leader in a network marketing that as your team grows. The thought is that as your team grows, so will you. You will become the leader you desire to be.
But, friend, I want to challenge you that if you wait for your team to grow, to become the leader, you’re gonna be hurting your team. You’re gonna be reducing your influence.

You’re in the right place if:

  • you have goals to reach and need motivation.
  •  you have one struggle after another that pops up and you just can’t seems to hit that next level.
  • you struggle with fear and doubt in your business.
  • you work and work, but feel like it is always one step forward and two steps back.
  • you have habits that are holding you back.
  • you are struggling with a slow business and don’t know why
Here’s the thing. I get it. I say here’s the thing…. I get it. There are so many people out there that are leading teams and they don’t have this mindset of a leader. But they’re still making money.
So you think, well, I’ll get there and I’ll make money along the way.
I get that. But just because you hit a leadership position does not make you someone people that are are going to follow.
We all know people that have been bosses or in leadership positions. The only reason people were following them was that they didn’t have a choice. They just happened to be their boss.
We also know people who were the natural leaders that people follow, whether or not they have a title. The magic comes when you have the title
AND you’re the person they follow.
So if you in fact keep thinking that your positions all you need, you could be sabotaging how big your team could grow.
If you start thinking that all you need is to have the influence. You could be sabotaging how big your team could grow.

Mindset of a Leader

We have to move you into having that mindset of a leader and having the actions that go with it. So let’s talk about confidently leading your team.
First thing I want to look at is why you need to grow as a leader.
Leadership is your ability. For better or worse that is going to determine how effective you are in your impact and your reach with your organization. So basically, friend, the higher you want to climb, the more leadership skills you need to have, the greater your impact will be when you have those leadership skills

The Catch

The catch is you can’t wait until you get there. It is not. When I reach this level of team leader then I will work on this leadership. That is backwards. No one’s gonna follow you to that space.
You have to be the leader first and then people will follow. That is what will move you up the ladder into the different stages of leadership.

So how do you grow as a leader?

It’s not this daily or this one time thing. It’s the small daily activities. It’s small of who you are BEing
What happens is we start out in this level of leadership that basically we don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t have a clue how little we know about leading.
Right. Because leadership is complicated. It has so many facets. It’s respect and experience, emotional strain, people’s skills, discipline, vision, goals, momentum, timing and influence. And it goes on and on and on.

Beginning of Leadership

In the beginning, you don’t have a clue what you know and what you don’t know. You just don’t know what you don’t know.
And that’s the very beginning of leadership.
That’s not a bad place to be. It’s a natural place to start.

Stage 2 of Leadership

But what happens as you start seeking to grow and you start learning how to be a leader? You start to realize what you don’t know.
So now you’re in the stage where,”I know what I don’t know.” In this stage You are aware that you don’t know how to communicate or you’re aware you don’t know how to initiate something or how to delegate, and so you realize there’s things you want to learn as a leader.

Stage 3 of Leadership

So then you start growing and, you begin know more and more. It starts slow. You basically you start growing, you start knowing things, but it’s slow.

Stage 4 of Leadership

And then you reach the stage where you simply know. You simply do because it’s what you know and it’s more of a natural place. You do it because it’s just who you are.

Successful leaders, my friend, are learners.

They are part of that learning process. And it is ongoing for them.
They have this self discipline and perseverance that just drives them forward and forward and forward with their business.
But looking at all that, what I want to really dive into today is who do you need to be in order to become a leader? You can’t be a leader and then develop the traits of a leader. It works the other way.
You have to develop the traits. And as you develop these traits, you become a leader.
So what are the traits you need to develop in order to grow into your title of leader?

First thing I want to talk about is traits of a leader.

Leaders initiate things.

They don’t wait for someone to tell them to go make called calls or to e-mail somebody or to talk to someone or to book a networking event or to host a product night at Panera Bread.
They initiate it. They go, “hey, I’m doing this. Who wants to join?” That’s the leader. The leader does it because they know it’s going to help them grow.

Leaders also have a sense of urgency.

They are the type of person who will. Put self-imposed deadlines on themselves. So, like, for example, for me, I I blog and release my blog by Monday morning, every year, every year, every week. That’s just who I am. Nobody said I it was a must. That sense of urgency is on me. I put it there.
So even if I’m going to be out of town, I write it before I go on vacation, because that is a part of what I do. It’s my own sense of urgency that no matter what, that blog goes out. I initiated it. and imposed on myself. No one’s emailing me going, you didn’t put your blog out. Well, some people will if I don’t because they like reading it, but no one is holding me

Leaders make connections.

The next thing I put on here is making connections. And I don’t just mean business connections. They connect with people wherever they go. They are finding things they have in common with others. They are making connections emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.
Making those connections on a personal level, builds your community because people follow people that are similar to them. People like people they can relate to, but are further along on their journey. That’s how that works.
Ever notice that, with all your friends, you all like the same show, you all like the same music? It’s because that’s who you’re drawn to. Leaders are making the connections with people on that personal level that is attractive to them.
Because if they like the same things, such as the same TV show, same books or same podcasts. Then most likely they’re going to be attracted to similar professional or set similar goals.
Those are the types of things where they’re making connections because it is driving that relationship between you and the other person who could be potential team member or potential client. Or even just someone to collaborate with and help grow.
Leaders also learned to invest their time with these people, with people that are going to help them grow.
People that are going to not just help them, but people that need them as well. They are happy to invest their time in someone who is looking to grow in an area that they can help them.
So for me, when someone messages me and emails me and says, ”I’m really struggling with this…with my mindset and my business. I’m really struggling to fail forward. I keep setting goals and not reaching them. And I’m working a full time job and I’m having a hard time balancing it all. “Oh, my heart goes out. I am willing to meet with them.
I’m willing to have a chat because I’ve been there, and I know that feeling. I believe so strongly that there’s another side for us to find. Plus, I believe we have to help other women do that. I just believe that so strongly, I’m willing to invest my time with people.

Leaders also prioritize.

They will look. They will they evaluate, they will take time to prioritize the things in their life and evaluate what each thing needs to be the top priority and what doesn’t.
Leaders look at the priorities that the big rocks of their life.

Right? And they will evaluate which of these things need a bigger weight in my life, a bigger time slot… like my kids or some self-care or holding business meetings. Those things will create a higher priority.

They will evaluate those, and then they can do things like eliminate the ones that are not as important or delegate them out to their V.A.
Do you have a Virtual Assistant?
I have a V.A.. These are wonderful friend. You can get one. I don’t care how small your network marketing business is. You can hire a VA for so little. And this will seriously help you grow.
Especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 job on top of building your side to get business, you need a VA to help you grow. Sister, a VA can handle things like social media and graphics. They can help you with email, mailing products. Plus often they are doing that because they have great skill needed for the tasks.
For example, my VA is phenomenal at creating graphics. She’s better at it than I am, and I like her doing it. She’s so creative. She comes up with great things to say. And I love that. That saved me the time where I can go out, and I can do things like create the podcast or meet one on one with clients who need me. The things that really matter for business growth can be my focus. Things like making connections and investing my time with people.

Leaders also like to collaborate.

When you become a person who embraces collaboration, you are stepping yourself forward. I noticed that has been the biggest change I’ve seen in network marketing over the last couple of years. The moving away from competition and into collaboration.
There’s plenty of business out there for everybody, friend.
There is! So step into collaboration. Step into collaborating with people who are not in your company. Collaborate with… if you sell essential oils, collaborate with someone who’s who does skin care.
It’s all about providing your audience value.
Think about it. What value could you offer your audience by having someone who’s in skin care, come speak to your essential oil Facebook group?
What value could be there? Collaborate. And then in return, you can go into their group and speak. So you’re expanding your audience. They’re expanding theirs. Everybody’s happy. It’s a win win, win win. It wins for everybody. So it’s such a great thing to do. And so when we move away from the negative competition mindset and into a collaborative.

Vision and Purpose

In their life, where they are using their vision and their purpose to inspire and influence people.
They are so passionate about their vision and their purpose, that they share it with others in a way that inspires and influences.
That is so key to moving forward in this life.
Practice sharing your message, and telling people your vision. Basically, articulating your purpose.
People want to be a part of a mission. They want to have purpose. Think of it this way. When someone doesn’t already have their own vision for their future, they’re going to latch on to a leader that has one.
You’re looking for followers, friends. Well, you’ve got to give them something to follow. You got to give them the traits of a leader. You’ve got to give them a vision and a purpose.
When you do all these things, remember friends, you don’t become the leader. And then do these things start doing these things? And it will propel you into that leadership role.

You have to BE it before you have the title.


So let me ask you, do you really want to keep being the type of leader that is hoping others follow you or do you want to fill that gap?
Do you want to move into that mindset of that top recruiter? You want to be that team leader. Do you want to be the one that’s influencing people and attracting them to you?
Do you want that? If you’re that type of person friend. That you want to have that mindset, that is confident… that’s going to attract your team to you and draw your tribe competently into you.
Start here!! Grab my high-performance mindset cheat sheet at I’ll show you the ten things you need to help start moving you into that high achievers mindset. Things that are gonna set you apart from that struggling network marketer to that high achieving top recruiter.
Which one do you want to be? It’s up to you. It’s up to you. You can be whichever one you choose. So, my friend, what I really encourage you to do is choose to be that top achiever and go unleash your success.

Next Steps:

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