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How to stop overeating | Are you ready for simple tips for training your brain to stop overeating and control your emotions and feelings all without restrictive diets, diet products or extreme exercise regimens?  It’s time for you to finally live the life you want and create lasting health and weight loss.

If you are:

  • a woman that is tired and stressed out  
  • need a plan not centered on exercise
  • feel controlled by your emotions
  • struggle with emotional eating
  • constantly overeating even when you don’t want to
  • tired of dieting without success
  • want to figure out what is stopping you and holding you back from having a body you feel confident in…
  • searching for unique ways stop emotional eating

Then these tips are for you!  They are the curvy woman’s solution for how to stop overeating. 

I get it!  I have struggled with overeating most of my life!  

Recently, I have struggled with becoming so busy that I start burning the candle at both ends.  Even as recent as last week I struggled to not be overwhelmed and make poor nutrition choices like overeating. 

My dad was in the hospital from a stroke.  Once we knew he was out danger and just needed some recovery time, I went back to my normal routine with nightly visits to the hospital. 

By Friday night, I was struggling to carry on conversations just out of sheer tiredness and stress.  Plus, when it came to food, I could tell I was struggling to keep new habits and not fall back into old.  “Wine and Cheetos” sounded like heaven.

I won’t say that I was perfect, and I made every health choice I would normally make. But what I did do is love myself through it and gave myself grace to know that I was processing a lot of emotions with my dad’s stroke.

Can you relate with having emotions take over when it comes to food?

“Overeating is caused by our emotional brain.”

Angela Naumann

The Curvy Woman's Health Coach

Here is the thing…

Overeating is caused by our emotional brain. The pathways that trigger overeating and thus weight gain are in the emotional brain.

The good news is that we can retrain our own emotional brain.  Breakthroughs in neuroscience have shown that we can change the old pathways in our emotional brain by establishing new habits, adopting new skills, and a new mindset. 

Solutions to Over Eating

1.  Chewing – The longer you chew, the more time it will take you to finish a meal, and research shows that eating slowly can help you to eat less and, ultimately, to avoid weight gain or even lose weight. For example, chewing your food twice as long as you normally would will instantly help you control your portion sizes, which naturally decreases calorie consumption.

2.  Drink a Glass of Water – 20 minutes before a meal have a glass of water.  This improves digestion, and helps you to not lose control with over eating.  Plus you keep hydrated in the process.  Win win!

3.  Slow Down – When you slow down you not only have more satisfaction from the meal, but also reduce the likelihood that you will over eat.  I have a fantastic guide on how to stretch out your meal to a “20 min. meal” . This is my “How to Lose Weigh When Nothing Else Works”, and sister it really does.  This is one of the first steps I take with my private clients. Get the strategy for free here.  

4. Honor you hunger – When you wait to long to eat you can find yourself overeating before you even realize you did it again.   Raise you hand if you have been there. You are so hungry that you look down and don’t even remembe where all you food went.  

5 Emotional Brain Training – This is an advanced technique for really eliminating the root of the problem the emotions or stress that cause the over eating.  

Solve the real problem and confidently stop over eating.  Get Your Control Back!

When I discovered the things that triggered me to overeat, and implemented a simple emotional tool to rewire them, I gained back control over my eating.

I turned to Emotional Brain Training (EBT). 

EBT helps you change your emotional brain.

You see, I was already doing the things that help with weight loss and control of binge eating. 

  • taking deep breaths
  • eating slowly (Get my guide on How to Lose Weight when Nothing Else Works Here)
  • chewing throughly
  • cutting out the sugar (Read that here)
  • drinking water
  • practicing visualization and meditation

So I might have been breathing and trying to do all the things, but I was still feeling angry, stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed.  

The breathing and other strategies that normally work, were not helpful this time.  

Can you relate? You are doing all the right things, but still the compulsive need to over eat is just gnawing at you.

I wanted to get relaxed with a couple of deep breaths, but it just didn’t work. 

My body could not go where my mind wouldn’t let it.   

I was just a bundle of emotions.  So before I could gain control over my overeating, I needed to digest the emotions that I was feeling.   But I didn’t feel up to a 30 min meditation or journaling session.  So what could I do?

So it wasn’t until I learned about “Emotional Brain Training” or, EBT that I finally found a way to reliably and consistently stop overeating quickly.

WHAT IS Emotional Brain Training (EBT)?

So what is emotional brain training? Well, according to their website, “EBT is a science-based program, that integrates advances in neuro science and stress physiology that rewires patterns of anxiety, depression, overeating, and unhealthy habits by using practical, easy to implement tools.”  

So, why is emotional brain training important for you? Why is this a key component?

If you’re insanely stressed in their life, like maybe their life circumstances are just crazy, never slowing down, this is going to be extremely useful.

Life is so stressful. The more people are really experiencing a stress overload and repeated experiences of stress wire the brain to get stuck in stress and the chronic stream of stress hormones cause 80% of health problems. This is not news to you, right?

Can you quickly list a few stressors you had this last week?  We all can list them.  I know I have dozens. Life is full of stressors both big and small.

Now, most of us  try to think our way out of our problems, but the thinking does not rewire that emotional circuit.

This is also why advice only is not effective. Because the emotional brain needs to be rewired. And EBT is a way you can control that rewiring yourself.

Let me show you how to complete an EBT Check in.

Click here and view the PDF for my how to guide for completing an Emotional Brain Training Check In.

Click here for your EBT Guide and Freedom!


Need more?  Get this FREE 10 page guide to help you discover “How to Lose Weight When Nothing Else is Working”.

It's Your Time!!!

Once I applied all EBT solution to my life consistently, I saw a change in my weight loss resistance because I saw a change in my emotional eating which was directly related to my overeating.

More than that, I had found as a curvy woman a simple, unique ways to lose weight, feel amazing in my skin, and to live with confidence. 

I finally had something that made a difference.

It’s your time my friend, It’s time to be bold and take control back on your life and your health. Try EBT  today to help you feel revived.

Share this blog post with your friends and family. Let’s help other women break from from that tired overwhelmed feeling, so they can start confidently looking in the mirror and loving the woman smiling back.  

Angela Naumann 

The Curvy Woman’s Health Coach

About Me

Hi!!   I am Angela Naumann, the Curvy Woman’s Health Coach.   I have lived my life as a plus size woman, and I understand the journey and struggles that comes from yo-yo dieting and binge eating.  I know how it feels to have jeans that won’t button, and shirts that gape at the belly.  I know the internal battle that comes with feeling confident in yourself when you feel out of control with your body.  I have felt that way for 20 years of my life.

But I found plus size weight loss is possible for me.  I knew I longed for a few key things in my life.  I wanted to not constantly think about food.  I wanted to look in the mirror and feel confident, sexy and love the vision smiling back.

What people are saying….

“I’m nearing the end of my 12 week program, and although I was hesitant to open up and dig deep, I’m glad I did this! Angela has helped me peel back the layers to discover what’s been holding me back in progressing in my health journey. My mindset has done a complete 180! I don’t let food control my life, and it no longer hinders other areas outside of my health. I feel confident in making healthy choices, and that hasn’t always been the case. I’m beyond thankful for Angela and the encouragement she has given me. Putting all of her practices in place have truly helped me transform my health, and I’m thrilled for a healthier and happier me!”


Entrepreneur and Mom

“I was hesitant to start “another program” for fear of yet another failure.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Angela was able to help me change that mindset. It means so much to have someone like her by my side because she can actually relate to so many of my struggles. Her passion for helping others was immediately evident and put me at ease speaking openly. She helped me to dig deep and get to the root of so many struggles, some I wasn’t even aware of. I especially liked that she tailored our sessions to my personal needs and goals.  I’ve learned so much about myself in the last 12 weeks that will serve me greatly for years to come. Thanks to Angela I no longer feel powerless.”


Working mom of 3

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