Curvy Plus Size Women it’s time to Stop Dieting, Experience Intuitive Eating and Food Freedom with Health Coach, Angela Naumann

Curvy Plus size are you ready to stop dieting and experience food freedom?  Maybe some weight loss?

Ladies if you are sick of dieting, this is for you.  It’s time to have your cake and eat it too!  Food freedom is real and you can have it. Here are some quick tips to get you rocking those curves, feeling healthy and full of energy, and free from the diet rollercoaster.  As a certified Health Coach, I will share how Intuitive Eating and mindful living can move your journey forward.

What about you?

Have you ever desperately wanted a piece of cake, but resisted the urge due to the fear that it would go straight to your booty? I’ve been there!

Have your cake and eat it too! Food Freedom for Curvy Plus Size Women

It’s time to have your cake and eat it too! Have you ever desperately wanted a piece of cake, but resisted the urge due to the fear that it would go straight to your booty and you can then just forget weight loss.  It must just be a plus size woman’s dream.  Right? I’ve been there!

Have you ever restricted and deprived yourself of favorite food, only to find that you can’t stop thinking about it. Of course it then lead to binging and feel extremely guilty about the lack of willpower. Yep, me too!

The Good News

It’s really a repressive way to live, and it can feel like a hopeless cycle.  The good news is there is a way out and it is through food freedom. As a health coach to plus size women, there are a few key things that keeps my clients coming back, and it is our focus and support with goals as a curvy woman, the intuitive eating plan/ vision that frees them from the war with food, and the accountability to start living mindfully.

I’ve been there and I’m glad to be far down that path! As a certified health coach, I help my clients find that food freedom, too. This is by allowing ourselves to eat what we want. When we do this we are opening ourselves up to no longer need to obsessively think about that piece of cake or slice of pizza, we can simply eat it if we want it and move on.  So….

Tip #1 Stop Dieting

By stopping the diet rollercoaster and allowing myself to eat mindfully and intuitively, I was able to eat what I want and not feel like a crazy person obsessed with food.  I had to step away from the diet rules and allow myself to create a different mindset when it came to food.  This didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen.  The binges stopped and when they stopped weight loss became possible.

I learned that my body communicate very loudly what it needs. I learned that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and by listening to my body it can find balance.  It can experience weight loss. I can feel more energized.

Find The Best Part

I went into this process wanting weight loss, but what I found was so much better.

  • found a love for myself.
  • I found an end to the battle with food.
  • I found food freedom when I stopped thinking about food all the time.

As a health coach this is part of the process that I help my clients discover.  Having a partner guide you during the ups and downs its vital for so many woman.  So if you don’t have a Health Coach, grab this freebie to help you on your way.  It’s my 10 page guide “How to Lose Weight When Nothing Else is Working”.

Tip #2  Eat it (Guilt Free), and move on.

Yep, eat it and move on.  Release the guilt!  There are so many reasons to embrace food and to release the guilt comes from the old dieting mindset. When we break the deprivation cycle and the more we practice allowing ourselves to have what we want, the easier it will become for us to just eat a little until we feel satisfied instead of feeling completely crazy around food.  This is food freedom at it’s core.

So relax with food, show yourself some love and grace and let go of the old way of thinking that food is good or bad.  Because the truth is, food is not good or bad.  It doesn’t have morals or ethics.  Yes, some food will nourish you body more, or give you more energy.  And other food might offer less nourishment and take away energy.  Likewise, you food choices can’t make you good or bad person for eating it, so just eat it and move on. As plus size women that have lived with the judgement of society long enough, it’s time to stop judging ourselves and to gracefully live, guilt free.  So when you crave chocolate or even broccoli, eat it guilt free and know that you are listening to your body and that is a for of self acceptance and love.

Tip #3 Enjoy your food

God gifted us with our senses and I believe that one reason is so we can enjoy our food.  So use them.  Savor the spice, the savory, and the sweetness. Let the aromas heighten your enjoyment.  Let the texture roll around in your mouth.  Eat slowly, chew throughly, and let yourself truly experience the food.  After all, if your stepping away from the diet mentality and eating food guilt free, then enjoyment should be the next goal.  When you reach this step, you will truly know the feeling of food freedom.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering “can I have my cake and eat it too”, say yes, eat it, savor it and move on.  The freedom that comes from not being trapped by food will have you celebrating and embracing the diet free life. Curvy Plus Size Ladies, It is time to embrace yourself and stop dieting and start living and eating intuitively.

Want a little more to help you along?  Download my free copy of “How to Lose Weight when Nothing Else is Working” or work with me.


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Blessings Friends!

~Angela Naumann The Curvy Woman’s Health Coach

Helping you live a Happy and Healthy Life


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