Business getting Stale?  Move from Passive to Massive Action

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Being a working woman with a side hustle can be overwhelming. Sister, I know. I’ve lived that life for the most of adult life! I have the full time job and the side business that I am building as I pursue my passion and build the life I want.
Building a new business is challenging no matter who you are. But when you have a full time job on top of a budding career, the challenges seem to multiply.

You’re in the right place if:

You’re in the right place if….
  • You are building an online business while balancing family and a full time job. (I got you, friend. I know this place.)
  • You are doing all the right marketing strategies, but are not seeing the big return. (Raise your hand if you are a serial course purchaser, but not a serial course finisher! )
  • You feel like you are always working, and it is taking its toll on you. Doubt has started creeping in. You are wondering if you have what it takes.
  • You are ready to stop crying in the shower from the feeling of overwhelm and confusion of the next business decision
  • You have all the marketing and business knowledge, but it isn’t helping.
  • You feel like your greatness is just below the surface, and you can’t figure out how to release it. You want to show the world what you have to offer.
  • You are ready to stop complaining and managing your emotions in a way that allows you to create value for your customers and clients.
  • You are ready to be an active player in your game of success, instead sitting back watching others’ careers take off.
  • You are willing to break old habits and limiting beliefs and establish new patterns and habits to support your goals.
  • You are ready for accountability and support from someone who has been where you are and made it through the struggles.

The Turning Point

I can recall the moment I first realized how overwhelmed I felt trying to balancing the two careers.
When it came to my daytime job, I was confident and on the top of my game. I had been working as a teacher for so many years, I didn’t worry about my skills or capability. I was confident in who I was when I was working, and in my abilities to be successful in that atmosphere.
But, when I started my coaching practice, I struggled to have that same level of confidence. I had to figure out my coaching skills with clients, marketing, social media, blogging, and so much more.
After my first several clients I my confidence grew. It felt natural after years of teaching and working with students, to coach. I had attended a great coaching certification program that had prepared me. Plus, with my history as an educator the actual working with clients came naturally. In this area my confidence began to grow.
However, when it came to marketing and social media, my level of growth that I needed was greater. I had to figure my way through marketing and attracting clients. It was a challenge. Especially because I couldn’t dedicate 8 hours a day to learning the skills needed to make me proficient. I had maybe 2-4 depending on my day job and what my kids had going that night.
It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I developed not only an efficient and productive way to produce content and market my business, but I learned to deal with the complex feelings of overwhelm and insecurity that threatened to derail my career before it fully began.
It was during this time that I learned that the greatest asset to my coaching practice was my mindset. Cue the eye rolls…. hehehehe

But wait, let me explain what I mean. During this time of “growth” I began struggling to believe I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.
Shouldn’t it come easily, as teaching and coaching had? These thoughts started to mess with my mind. The thoughts began rocking my confidence and stalling out my business growth.

Here is why.

I learned on this journey, thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions drive our actions. 
This is why when new challenges came up that I didn’t know how to overcome immediately, my confidence dropped.
When I started thinking that I didn’t know what I was doing, or maybe I’m not good enough to run an online business, negative emotions were triggered.
Once I began feeling the emotions of overwhelm, uncertainty, and fear (for me it was fear of not being successful in my business), my actions started to be reflective of those emotions.
My actions were driven by those negative emotions. I would second guess my live video content and eventually stopped doing the live videos.
The overwhelm made me just want to watch Netflix instead of participating in an online community where I was meeting new people. After all, I was “tired” because I had already worked a full day at a demanding job. I told myself, I would do it tomorrow or on the weekend.
Similarly, I would do passive actions for my business. Actions that took my time, but were not leading to making money! For example, actions like taking another online course. (I love online courses!) Sometimes, I would find myself redesigning my web page for the 15th time that month. I was “working” but not producing.
Raise your hand if you have been there. You started reducing your actions or moving to passive action things instead of “massive” action.

Passive and Massive action

Passive action is working on your web page, scrolling Instagram, or reading a book. These types of actions reduce the feelings of fear, overwhelm and uncertainty.
Massive action might look like hosting a webinar, creating a Facebook Live video, or writing a blog article. These actions can bring feelings of fear and uncertainty. To move past them you have to act with courage. See this article for more on acting with courage.


So how did I move past this? Well, first of all I had to admit to myself I was scared. I was unsure of myself.
I stepped into those feelings and journaled on them. I knew that my thoughts created my feelings, so I asked myself what was the thought I was having that was putting me in this emotional state.
I realized I was used to thinking of myself as the “expert” and was a leader at my day job, but in my new realm, I was the novice.
Then basically I reminded myself of all the ways I had learned to be successful as an educator. I listed it out in my journal.
It gave me the proof I needed that I would be able to learn everything I would need for the future. This increased my confidence. This reduced my fear.
This process allowed my subconscious mind to connect the old confident feelings to my new adventure. This was the beginning of my real success.
This was the beginning of my actions changing to be more productive and effective. It was the beginning of the puzzle pieces all coming together in my business.


Tired of setting goals and not achieving them? It’s time to move into the massive action that will transform your business.

Do what I did. Work through these journal prompts and allow yourself to move from passive to massive action. I typed them out for you and left space for you to work through the thoughts. Just hit print and start transforming your life.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first call with Angela. I’d had group coaching calls for programs that I was in before, but I’d never had a 1-on-1 call with a life coach.  From the start, Angela and I hit it off, there was no awkwardness for either of us and, from my perspective I didn’t feel guarded at all (which isn’t typical for me).

We got to know each other a bit and then dove into the questions. Many of these questions are questions that I’d heard before, and some I’ve even asked myself and journaled on, but Angela knew just the right way to ask the next level of those questions to get things to “click”.  In just an hour together I had so many take-aways and 2 pages of notes!!

I was literally holding back tears (the good kind) because I FINALLY felt a relief – or freedom – that I didn’t even know was missing. In the few days after our call, because of our call, I had some amazing breakthroughs that have already contributed to me leveling up in my life and my business.

If you’re stuck, if you’re spinning your wheels like I was, I recommend working with Angela. She not only knows the entrepreneurial life herself, but she’s got the credentials and knowledge on the coaching side of things to help you get through those limiting beliefs, set some big goals, take action to achieve those goals, and next-level your life.


Online Entrepreneur

Next Steps:

What part of today’s blog spoke to you?  Go with your gut.  The part of you when you were reading that said… yep that is me.

Ready to learn more about unleashing your success?

I’ve helped women entrepreneurs like you learn all about ending the mental stress and struggles that comes with building a business, so you can:

  • Feel confident in your choices and decisions for your life and business.
  • Develop a step by step plan and get unstuck, so you can renew your mindset, stop stressing, and finally get stuff done.
  • Feel focused and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes.
  • Experience a more balanced life and renew your mind, so you can feel like the best version of yourself in both business and your family.

Now is your time to make your dreams a reality!

Truth is that building a strong confident mindset, reducing stress, and learning to anchor habits into long term actions is the KEY to building a money making business.


Here is what you do…

When you are ready for a step by step system to actually reach your goals you will do what it takes.  It’s time to open yourself up for unlimited possibilities.  Unleash your success and step in to your greatness my friend!


Until Next week.  Go grab your dreams and don’t let go.


Angela Naumann,

Certified Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur

Angela Naumann 

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur that is ready to transform her life!

About Me


Congratulations on deciding to reach for your dreams.  It’s your time!  I am so excited that you are showing up for yourself by reading my blog.   It is my hope that my blog posts will inspire you and give you simple practical steps to rock your best life.  

Who is this blog for: 

  • Women that are working hard to grow their online business.
  • They have a product or service that they have created and they are working to bring it to the world.
  • Women that are setting goals, but are struggling to make them become a reality.
  • Women that although the are go getters and do all the right things, they have some mindset issues or limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.
  • Women that are want to transform their life and business, and Sister, they are willing to chase the moon to do it.
  • Women that sometimes get stressed and overwhelmed to the point that their personal life and business seem to suffer.
  • Women that are determined to not stay in that stress and overwhelm, but are ready to uncover what is holding them back so they can move forward.
  • Women that may have some old habits they want to break, and in turn build new habits that will last.

Who am I?

I am Angela Naumann, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. I’ve been married for over 20 years and love to go on adventures with my family. 

After 20+ years of my own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. 

I help the female entrepreneur that is setting big audacious goals, but struggling to make them a reality.  Which leaves them feeling stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch. 

With a practical step by step strategy, I guide you to uncover what is stopping you, build confidence with a step by step system that is unique to them and their business So, they can uplevel their life and unleash their success.  Basically together we unleash your success!!

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!  


Angela Naumann

What people are saying….

“I’m nearing the end of my 12 week program, and although I was hesitant to open up and dig deep, I’m glad I did this! Angela has helped me peel back the layers to discover what’s been holding me back in progressing in my health journey. My mindset has done a complete 180! I don’t let food control my life, and it no longer hinders other areas outside of my health. I feel confident in making healthy choices, and that hasn’t always been the case. I’m beyond thankful for Angela and the encouragement she has given me. Putting all of her practices in place have truly helped me transform my health, and I’m thrilled for a healthier and happier me!”


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