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Female Entrepreneurs: Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Get tips to renew your mindset, establish productivity habits, and reduce your stress. Sister, it is time to breakout of the old rut and start successfully growing your business!
So if you are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you stuck in a bad mood from the stressed feeling?
  • Is your mindset struggling to believe your dream is possible?
  • Are you overwhelmed with your business not growing even though you are doing all the right things?
  • Is your personal growth plateauing?
  • Do you need new habits so you can double your productivity?


Friend, one key to getting unstuck in your business is to clear Clutter in your life.

Things Keeping You Stuck

If you are experiencing doubt, confusion, or feel stuck you are likely feeling one of the following:

You have unclear goals

So often when your goals are unclear it is because they are not specific enough. “I’m going to grow my business.” is not near as specific as “I’m going to grow my business my increasing my repeat sales by 10%”. One way leaves your focus to general. The second more specific goal will guide your actions in a specific way that can measured.

You don’t have a “why”

Sometime, you don’t have a motivation behind your goal that is significant to you. You need a motivation that will get you up out of bed in the morning instead of hitting snooze. This is key for success.

If either of these previous two bullet points is you, then download my free “Goal to Action Planner” today. I will help you get unstuck.

In it I walk you through discovering your why, setting smart goals and anchoring new habits and actions for moving forward.  This is the start for lasting habit change.


There is often something in the way when you struggle with your goals. Most people have made goals in the past and not achieved them. We all have done this.  It is just a part of trying new things and being a goal setter.  Raise your hand if you can relate to that.

Know everyone goes through it at one time or another does not help releave the frustration.  I have found with my clients that sometimes this is because they haven’t changed anything in their life to make way for new things.

Think of it this way, we have to clear out the old furniture before we can bring in the new.

So ask yourself, “Is there any clutter in your schedule or environment that needs clearing so you can move forward?”

Unsure? Let’s look at some forms of clutter that can leave us stuck or overwhelmed.

Mind Clutter 

This would be the thoughts that weigh you down. For most of us it is the fears and negative things that we tell ourselves. It can also be the guilt and anxiety that comes from poor decisions.  Limiting Beliefs will stop you every time.  This are areas that if you don’t identify and address, then you will never be able to move forward to you full potential.

Physical Clutter

Clutter takes up space whether it it is in your house or around your desk. How can you open up and bring in new successes if your space is already full of the old clutter? Physical clutter can be a distraction and result in a lack of focus while working.  It also can add stress to you life.  When part of your life is unorganized or cluttered, many women will take that on emotionally and it manifests as a stress in their body. When you organize room in your physical space you are allowing room for new things to come in to your life.

Schedule Clutter

Time:  Clutter eats up your time. It take times and energy away from your goal chasing when your schedule is a mess. When you are not keeping it neat, then you are not free to prioritize your time. When you don’t have your goals set as a priority, it will be hard to achieve them.

Spontaneity:  Likewise, if you keep your schedule so full and packed that you don’t allow yourself some spontaneity to have lunch with a dear friend or game night with the family, then you can find yourself missing the connection to those you love in your life.  Ironically, more time with loved ones is why so many of us are entrepreneurs.

Productivity:  An over busy schedule is also a quick way to slow down your productivity.  Wait… what!!!  Yep, you heard me right.  An over busy schedule is one of the fastest ways to slow down productivity.  Several things start happening at moments like this.

When you get too busy, you began quickly going from one activity to another.  When this happens you often start doing mediocre on each of the areas and production goes down.  This is opposed to doing less activities with more precision and a higher quality of productivity.

Self Care:  Additionally, When your schedule is cluttered one of the first areas you begin to let melt away  is self care.  This is time to pray, meditate, visulaize, do yoga, exercise, read a book, sit outside in the sun…whatever it is that recharges you.  You erase time for these activities that bring you peace, energy and sanity, and you will find yourself more stressed, tired and unfocused than ever.  This will me less productivity for you as you work to achieve your goals.

Emotional Clutter

Emotional Clutter will eat at you and can interrupt your goal crushing. Sometimes, you may have the moments in life where events from the past may eat at you consciously or even subconsciously.

When we allow the bad memories and feelings to hang around as emotional baggage, it will mess with us and reduce our effectiveness. This will clutter our emotions and make bringing success into your life difficult.

Emotional clutter  is  one of the main things that often lead us to limiting beliefs.  For example, imagine growing up that you often heard the statement, “We don’t have the money for that.”  Although it may have be a true statement in that moment of time, what a young mind might have heard this from an authority figure they trusted may have processed it as, “We aren’t the kind of people that have things like ________.  (new cars, take trips, expensive shoes, whatever it was just fill in the blank.) .

The problem with thoughts like this is that over the years, our subconscious will quietly remind us of this belief and it will limit our thinking and shake our resolve when it comes to reaching goals.

The gut punch is we don’t even realize why we struggle to believe financial abundance (in this example) is possible.  We just know that for some reason we have a hard time believing abundance is meant for us.  Is this hitting a nerve with anyone?

The good news is this limiting belief can be broken.  (I have great blog on this coming so watch for it.)

Cydney - Working mom of 3

“I was hesitant to start “another program” for fear of yet another failure.  I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Angela was able to help me change that mindset. It means so much to have someone like her by my side because she can actually relate to so many of my struggles. Her passion for helping others was immediately evident and put me at ease speaking openly. She helped me to dig deep and get to the root of so many struggles, some I wasn’t even aware of. I especially liked that she tailored our sessions to my personal needs and goals.  I’ve learned so much about myself in the last 12 weeks that will serve me greatly for years to come. Thanks to Angela I no longer feel powerless.”

Want to try it?  Here is your next step

Which of these areas need clearing so that you have the conditions for success set up in your life?  Go with your gut.  The part of you when you were reading that said… yep that is me.  
  1. Friend, now is the time to brainstorm a list of all the things getting in the way of you committing to yourself.  Write them down.  Own it.  This is key to eliminating them.
  2. Which of these are within your control?  Things not in your control just release.  Only worry about what you can control.
  3. Put a star next to the things that are within your control.
  4. With the things you starred that are in cluttering your life and in your control, what are some action steps can you put in to place to clear out the clutter and get unstuck today? Write them down.
When you clear the clutter in our lives we open yourself up for unlimited possibilities.  Unleash your success and step in to your greatness my friend!

Until Next week.  Go grab your dreams and don’t let go.


Angela Naumann,

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur

Angela Naumann 

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur that is ready to transform her life!

About Me


Congratulations on deciding to do this for yourself.  It’s your time!  I am so excited that you are showing up for yourself by reading my blog.   It is my hope that my blog posts will inspire you and give you simple practical steps to rock your best life.  

Who is this blog for: 

  • Women that are working hard to grow their online business.
  • They have a product or service that they have created and they are working to bring it to the world.
  • Women that although the are go getters and do all the right things, they have some mindset issues or limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.
  • Women that are want to transform their life and business, and Sister, they are willing to renew their mind to do it.
  • Women that get stressed and overwhelmed to the point that their life and business seem to suffer.
  • Women that are determined to not stay in that stress and overwhelm, but are ready to uncover what is holding them back so they can move forward.
  • Women that may have some old limiting habits they want to break, and in turn build new habits that will last.

Who am I?

I am Angela Naumann, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. I’ve been married for over 20 years and love to go on adventures with my family. 

After 20+ years of my own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. 

I help the female entrepreneur that is stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch.  With a practical step by step plan, I guide you to renew your mind, build confidence, and balance life.  So you can stop stressing and get stuff done, feel stronger, and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes. 

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!  


Angela Naumann

What people are saying….

“I’m nearing the end of my 12 week program, and although I was hesitant to open up and dig deep, I’m glad I did this! Angela has helped me peel back the layers to discover what’s been holding me back in progressing in my health journey. My mindset has done a complete 180! I don’t let food control my life, and it no longer hinders other areas outside of my health. I feel confident in making healthy choices, and that hasn’t always been the case. I’m beyond thankful for Angela and the encouragement she has given me. Putting all of her practices in place have truly helped me transform my health, and I’m thrilled for a healthier and happier me!”


Entrepreneur and Mom