There is a secret. Have you heard it?  A secret whispered by the few that know it. 

It is the secret sauce for growing your online coaching business.  It is more than motivation and tips. It is a universal law known to all successful coaches that plan to be fully booked and life a life they are passionate about.  

The secret is business confidence comes from within. 

When I was a new mom, I was so lost.  I remember coming home from the hospital, my mom had cooked us dinner and done laundry.  We all settled in, and then she turned to me and said, “Well, I better get home.”  

I was confused.  Where was she going to go?  What would I do with a baby?  I needed her here to tell me. I asked her, “What do you mean go home?”

She told me, “This is yours and Rusty’s time with your baby.  You will know what to do. Just feed him, rock him and love on him.  It will all be perfect. You will figure it all out.  

I was so uncertain.  The good thing is when you jump in with both feet you learn to swim quickly.  In just a few weeks time I was confident in how I cared for my new little one.  I built those skills and started to understanding how to BE what I needed to BE as a mom.  

Honestly, looking back, I was a good little new mama.  I just didn’t realize how good, because my confidence was low.  

Over time, that changed and by the time baby number two came around, I was ready and believed in myself.  

Business confidence works in much of the same way.  

You’re in the right place if:

  • you are tired of the trash talking inner mean girl limiting your success.
  • you want to get more clients without the hustle.
  •  you have one struggle after another that pops up and you just can’t seems to hit that next level no matter how hard you try.
  • you struggle with fear and doubt in your business, and you need that inner mean girl to just shut up and let you be awesome.
  • you work and work, but feel like it is always one step forward and two steps back.
  • you have half *ss habits that are holding you back, you know they are there, but haven’t been able to replace them long term.
  • You want to be more confident in business and in life.
  • You are ready to BE a 6 figure earner.

Most people think…

Most peole think just jumping into action is enough to build our confidence.  But if that were true then everyone that put action into their business would feel confident. 

We know that just isn’t the case.

In fact, most often what happens is the lack of confidence and fear of the unknown puts us into poor action, repeals clients, and  dampens your credibility with others.

What We Know

What is known about confidence is that people that are confident:

  • Have more credibility
  • Naturally draw others to them
  • Have more confident body language and authoritative tone to their voice (so communication is better)
  • Use amazing eye contact
  • Have the courage to try new things
  • Look at building their capabilities as just a part of the journey.

Truth is

The basic truth I want to know is that “Confidence Matters More than almost anything else in determining your success.” ~ Ken Sayre

So with that in mind, let’s look at  what you need to have unstoppable confidence in business. 

4 Key Attributes

Take a look at 4 key attributes of confident successful people and think which of these is standing in the way of you having unstoppable confidence?


Confident people value experiences.  They know that the first time they do something is the most difficult and it will get easier the more they do it.  

They look at their experiences as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future.  

If they don’t get the outcome they want from an experience they plan out how they can do things differently in the future. They don’t doubt they will be successful, so having a learning curve is just a part of the path.


What you think about is entirely up to you.  You can choose if you thoughts are positive or negative.  This is key because your thoughts drive your emotions and your emotions drive you actions.  So if your thoughts are negative, you actions will be poor and not be what is needed for success.   


Confident coaches are rapid decision makers that rarely change their minds.  This is important because it keeps them from getting shinny object syndrome and constantly flitting from one goal to the next,.   They are decisive because they are clear on what they want. They know what they want and they go for it with focus and determination.  They let their goals be their map toward success.


Confident people trust their internal voice.  Sister, they had a inner mean girl, but they learned how to keep her silent.  They have reprogrammed the negative thoughts and then know their internal voice is offering valid, useful and positive.  

The difference between people with unstoppable confidence and others is those with confidence do not look to others for what they should think or do.  They are the rebels that listen to their own internal guidance system (intuition) for direction and clarity.  

Yes, of course they will take the feedback of those they trust, but they put the heaviest stock in their own inner voice.  They know it is only seeking to help them, and is always working for their good.  

Next Steps:

Do you want to stay in the doubt and overwhelm?  NO

Are you ready to step into confidence?  Of course!

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?” – Marianne Williamson

It’s your time to be confidently fabulous my friend.  


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Angela Naumann 

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur that is ready to transform her life!

About Me


Congratulations on deciding to reach for your dreams.  It’s your time!  I am so excited that you are showing up for yourself by reading my blog.   It is my hope that my blog posts will inspire you and give you simple practical steps to rock your best life.  

Who is this blog for: 

  • Women that are working hard to grow their online business.
  • They have a product or service that they have created and they are working to bring it to the world.
  • Women that are setting goals, but are struggling to make them become a reality.
  • Women that although the are go getters and do all the right things, they have some mindset issues or limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.
  • Women that are want to transform their life and business, and Sister, they are willing to chase the moon to do it.
  • Women that sometimes get stressed and overwhelmed to the point that their personal life and business seem to suffer.
  • Women that are determined to not stay in that stress and overwhelm, but are ready to uncover what is holding them back so they can move forward.
  • Women that may have some old habits they want to break, and in turn build new habits that will last.

Who am I?

I am Angela Naumann, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. I’ve been married for over 20 years and love to go on adventures with my family. 

After 20+ years of my own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. 

I help the female entrepreneur that is setting big audacious goals, but struggling to make them a reality.  Which leaves them feeling stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch. 

With a practical step by step strategy, I guide you to uncover what is stopping you, build confidence with a step by step system that is unique to them and their business So, they can uplevel their life and unleash their success.  Basically together we unleash your success!!

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!  


Angela Naumann