I have been there!  Yep! I have spent the money on Facebook Ads that only left me listening to my inner mean girl telling me how NO one wants to work with me.  Learning to silence the mean girl and actually start attracting my clients naturally was freeing.    

Often my clients come to me wanting to work on building a 6 figure mindset.  Part of that is stepping into to BEing the woman that attracts clients naturally.  Here are a few tips to help you begin finding your ideal clients and customers.

You’re in the right place if:

  • you are tired of the trash talking inner mean girl limiting your success.
  • you want to get more clients without the hustle.
  •  you have one struggle after another that pops up and you just can’t seems to hit that next level no matter how hard you try.
  • you struggle with fear and doubt in your business, and you need that inner mean girl to just shut up and let you be awesome.
  • you work and work, but feel like it is always one step forward and two steps back.
  • you have half *ss habits that are holding you back, you know they are there, but haven’t benn able to replace them long term.
  • You want to be more confident in business and in life.

Have friends with benefits

Collaborate, network and send referrals. 

I was once a part of a local networking group.   They met weekly during lunch to collaborate and network.  The idea behind the group was to know each other, a bit about each other’s businesses.  So if you had a contact that needed a real estate agent, you knew one you could refer people to.  Now days, I do this online. Being apart of different groups and masterminds has helped me connect with a wide range of entrepreneurs.

This opens doors to learn from them, swap Facebook Lives, Swap Podcast Interviews, be a guest blogger etc.  

This can be as simple as having people to comment on your videos, you sharing their blog posts, participating in each other’s challenges.  Whatever helps you connect and support each other as you both grow. 

Cover all Bases

You want to have a comprehensive marketing strategy. For me this is weekly blogging, Pinterest marketing, Podcasting, Facebook Group interaction, IGTV, and more.  

I have some marketing that is more immediate like a webinar that sales my course that day, and I have long term marketing like Pinterest. 

To help me cover all these bases I do a lot of repurposing content.  That’s why you will hear a podcast that sounds a lot like a recent blog post.  No need to reinvent the wheel everyday! 

The the war would start again. It was exhausting to always be battling myself.

Always listen

Listen to what your ideal client needs. This could be in things she posts on facebook, comments she makes on Instagram, or feedback she gives to a market research poll. 

Even more important is to start conversations with her and listen to what she says. For example, If she says she wishes she had more time and business would be better, then you know she is dealing with some prioritization issues, productivity issues, or limiting beliefs.

If you know her problem you can customize your conversations to show her how you are solving those problems for other clients and yourself.

When she sees you as the solution to her problems then you have a soulmate client for life.

Give Value

Don’t be greedy.  So many online providers and networkers are.  They are all about what they are going to get for you.  That is why people are turned off by online sales at times.   They feel hunted. 

Instead draw and attract them to you. Give them value, show up for them consistently and let them see you are someone they can count on for real training, coaching, and  guidance


No one is attracted to uncertainty!  Nope. You never said yes to a date with the timid guy that could barely speak when he asked you out. 

No, we are naturally attracted to confidence and certainty.  We like being around people that know who they are and what they stand for. 

Why?  It makes up feel more confident and certain in ourselves when we are around them.  It’s the vibe we give off. The higher positive vibe that comes from confidence cannot be compared to the weak, negative vibe from low self-esteem. 

People can feel it and even if they are not conscious of it, they will react to the it. 

So what does confidence look like when it is genuine?

It is internal not bravado.

It starts in your mindset and goes all the way down to your inner thoughts.

It is the feeling you have from courageously creating action. 

It is evident in how you stand, the way you speak, and your way you approach situations. 

The best thing about confidence is it can be learned and developed.  Whoop! Yep, you don’t have to be born with it. If fact you could have had a down right shitty life and you can still become a confident woman. 

What to learn how?  Click here for more deets.

Can you relate? I am guess yes, or you wouldn’t still be reading this post!

Wanna kick your trash talking mean girl to the curb?

It's time to start BEing a courageous and confident CEO of your life and business.

Next Steps:

What part of today’s blog spoke to you?  Go with your gut.  The part of you when you were reading that said… yep that is me.

Ready to learn more about unleashing your success and getting your inner critic to stop sabotaging you??

I’ve helped women entrepreneurs like you learn all about ending the mental stress and struggles that comes with building a business, so you can:

  • Feel confident in your choices and decisions for your life and business.
  • Develop a step by step plan and get unstuck, so you can renew your mindset, stop stressing, and finally get stuff done.
  • Feel focused and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes.
  • Experience a more balanced life and renew your mind, so you can feel like the best version of yourself in both business and your family.

Now is your time to make your dreams a reality!

Truth is that building a strong confident mindset, reducing stress, and learning to anchor habits into long term actions is the KEY to building a money making business.


Here is what you do…

1. Grab my FREE 5 Steps to Silence Your Mean Girl Cheatsheet!  This is designed to help you stop self sabotaging your business with half-assed habits and inner criticism. You can be the courageous and confident CEO of your life and business.  
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 When you are ready for a step by step system to actually reach your goals you will do what it takes.  It’s time to open yourself up for unlimited possibilities.  Unleash your success and step in to your greatness my friend!

Until Next week.  Go grab your dreams and don’t let go.





Angela Naumann 

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur that is ready to transform her life!

About Me


Congratulations on deciding to reach for your dreams.  It’s your time!  I am so excited that you are showing up for yourself by reading my blog.   It is my hope that my blog posts will inspire you and give you simple practical steps to rock your best life.  

Who is this blog for: 

  • Women that are working hard to grow their online business.
  • They have a product or service that they have created and they are working to bring it to the world.
  • Women that are setting goals, but are struggling to make them become a reality.
  • Women that although the are go getters and do all the right things, they have some mindset issues or limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.
  • Women that are want to transform their life and business, and Sister, they are willing to chase the moon to do it.
  • Women that sometimes get stressed and overwhelmed to the point that their personal life and business seem to suffer.
  • Women that are determined to not stay in that stress and overwhelm, but are ready to uncover what is holding them back so they can move forward.
  • Women that may have some old habits they want to break, and in turn build new habits that will last.

Who am I?

I am Angela Naumann, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. I’ve been married for over 20 years and love to go on adventures with my family. 

After 20+ years of my own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. 

I help the female entrepreneur that is setting big audacious goals, but struggling to make them a reality.  Which leaves them feeling stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch. 

With a practical step by step strategy, I guide you to uncover what is stopping you, build confidence with a step by step system that is unique to them and their business So, they can uplevel their life and unleash their success.  Basically together we unleash your success!!

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!  


Angela Naumann