Hey Curvy Ladies!  So excited to bring you this weeks blog.  I’m CALLING all the Curvy Plus Size Women that are FRUSTRATED DIETERS!!  Women that are ready to break the diet, binge cycle that comes with year after year of yo-yo dieting.

Ladies, this blog is for you if you’re finally ready to STOP:

• Feeling like a failure

• Gaining the weight back

• Fighting your body

• Yoyo/chronic dieting..

THIS is what you NEED to hear‼️ It is time to break the cycle!

Yo-You Diet Cycle

Today’s topic is something that I’ve really been working on for my own-self the last six months or so.  I found it very refreshing and very encouraging to help me move forward in my own health journey, so I want to share this with you today.
Let’s talk about the yo-yo dieting cycle that we all have been through.  You know what the cycle I’m talking about.  The cycle where you make this conscious choice that you’re going to go on a diet.  You start restricting things that you think are a bad choice, that trigger you to get off-track, or trigger you to lose control.  Then for a while you are in control.  You are on track.  You’re being “good”.  This is how you want it to be, but then it swings back.  Yep, it swings right back around. What happens is we end up in a  binge or even if we don’t have this major binge like you picture in a 80s romance movie, we begin to feel out of control.  We feel like we get off track.  We feel like we are being bad.  So, we decide to try again and we get back on the diet. Now we just start looping our lives through this process which sadly just leads to weight gain. After a while this gets old and frustrating because you should be able to food freedom.  Read more about that here:   Have Your Cake: Plus Size Weight Loss and Food Freedom


How do we break this cycle so that we are no longer in this yo-yo dieting binge cycle?

Unconscious Choice

Between the diet and the binge, that’s where you DON’T have a conscious choice.  We don’t consciously wake up and say you know what I’m gonna just blow it today.  Or at least it is very rare, right! I mean very rare.  No, we wake up and go today’s a new day I’m gonna do good.  Then the day goes on and we lose control. 
Here is what is happening. You have been restricting and cutting back and our body has confused this with starvation.  Our body at its core is just trying to protect us and save us from starvation because we have been restricting ourselves.  We’ve reduced our calories or we’ve reduced all our carbs or something that our body needs to be healthy and feel satisfied. We’ve lost that so our body is doing whatever it can to bring us back into what it believes is right for us.  It is trying to balance.  It is then that we end up losing control, being bad, getting off-track, or binge eating to bring that balance back.  That’s our unconscious physiological response to dieting.  in okay so that’s an unconscious.  It is just our body’s way of trying to protect us.   I mean how awesome that our bodies were made to keep ourselves safe and protected.  

Conscious Choice/ How We Break the Cycle?It

Then you get around to the top part of the diagram.  This is were we do have control.  Between the binge and the restart of the diet.  It is there that we make that conscious choice to go back into a diet or to break the cycle.  
The number one thing we do to break the cycle is to  choose to not diet. We choose to not diet and we choose to not restrict.  We choose to not make all carbs off-limits or whatever the diet of the month is  promoting that month.   We go right back into the cycle instead of listening to our bodies.

Curvy Woman’s Transformation Tribe

It’s time to listen to our bodies, and that’s what we are teaching in the the curvy woman’s transformation tribe (Our Free Facebook Group for plus size ladies).  We are helping women curvy women who want to feel in control and want to break that diet cycle and don’t want to live a life restricted.  It is were we help women feel empowered to be able to have dinner with their friends and family and have a glass of wine or dessert without the guilt and self sabotage that can follow.  It is about building a normal normal life and a healthy relationship with food and still be healthy and love your body.
There we embrace the whole health at every size.  Yes some there still want to lose weight, but the thing is once we start allowing our body to lead us, balance starts happening and it’s a beautiful, beautiful process to watch.   
Want a little more to help you along?  Download my free copy of “How to Lose Weight when Nothing Else is Working” or work with me.
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Plus Size Weight Loss

Blessings Friends!

~Angela Naumann The Curvy Woman’s Health Coach

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