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Episode 39 – Becoming the Hero of Your Own Journey

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Becoming the Hero of Your Own Journey


Season 1, Episode 20    |    17min

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I used to think I had to hustle my ass off to make it happen. 


I was doing the webinars, running ads, emailing my list, blogging, podcasting, SEO, live videos, daily posting, group interaction,  summit guest spots…. you name it. 


Then My biz bestie invited me to Intuition Week with Emily Aarons.  

It was like the light if heaven started shining down on me. 


This was what I needed in my biz. 

Me. I needed more me in my business. 


I had spent so much energy looking to what the others, the experts, said I should do that I unclear about what was right for me. 


Not just unclear, I was so out of alignment with myself I couldn’t even see a vision for my future.  I was driving blind through my business.  


It was with this realization that I stopped looking outside of myself for the answers.  Instead I started meditating (again), started journaling on those meditations, and started listening to my intuition.  


When this happen, my world shifted.


I started feeling joy and happiness internally.  I was liking myself again.

I stopped the overwhelming, stressful hustle and started looking to what I loved in my business.

I looked to what I was good at, what made me smile.

started seeking fun and enjoyment in my business not anxiety and worry.  


I started looking at who do I GET to be.

This brought the changes I needed.


  • New clients, 
  • New ideas
  • Higher Prices
  • Increased Following
  • Found My Message (that before had been blurred)
  • More laughter and less moody mama
  • More fun in my live videos
  • Social Posts that reflected me and weren’t salesy.
  • Connections and Conversations without Cold DMs


I had found my grove. 

I found a way to be the hero of my own journey. 





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