Secrets to Gaining Energy:   Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time.

Are you a woman that is tired all the time?  Exhausted emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Tired of trying to be amazing at work, or as a mom only to be left feeling moody and overwhelmed?  Get 7 tips to help you gain energy and start feeling like the best version of yourself.


Here’s the deal, as a modern woman we are working full time, managing a busy family full of kids and activities, all while trying to be the best version of ourselves possible. 

The problem is that after waking up at 5 am,  working a full day at a demanding job, running kids around from activity to activity, and managing our homes like it’s a second full time job, we are tired.  We are moody and feeling overwhelmed.  It takes everything we have just to stay awake until 9 pm. 

All so we can experiences some restless sleep just in time to wake up and do it all over again the next day.  Does this sound familiar? It’s time to take control back and stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time.  It’s time to learn the 7 Secrets to Gaining Energy.    


My story:

That was me.  To be honest, if I’m not careful exhaustion sneaks back up on me and my energy levels are shot.  Not too long ago I was talking with my health coach, (Yes, I have one and am one.  That’s how much I believe in the power of coaching.  Everyone can benefit from having the right support, accountability and system in place in their life.)  I was sharing with her how great I had felt that morning. 

I rocked away at work.  Took care of business and was feeling like I could conquer the world, but by dinner time I was moody, tired, sluggish.  The struggle to not over eat or even binge eat when I felt that was was extreme.   

Secrets to Gaining Energy:   Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the timeI was trying to take deep breaths, calm my nerves and do all the things I usually do.   I knew yoga would help me, but for the life of me I couldn’t even find the energy to roll out my yoga mat. 

It was 5:30 and I wanted to simple gobble up the kitchen and go to bed.  But I’m a mom.  I can’t just crawl into be at 5:30.  There’s homework, dinner to be cooked, dishes to be washed, and laundry to tackle each day. 

Even with having things on my to do list, I just couldn’t bring myself to do much other than eat.  This was becoming routine for me, and I didn’t like returning to this version of myself.


Finally I confided this to my coach.  I poured out my thoughts and emotions that surround these difficult evenings with a couple of simple questions from her, I started to implement things I already knew, but had forgotten about.  Things that were simple tips I could add with ease to my life.

I have long ago given up being perfect.  So I focused on moving the needle more toward  simple tips to regain my energy.  We all  know lasting changes take time, but there are things you can do today to start you back toward having the energy you need to be the woman you are inside.  The energy to be the mom you dreamed of being as a new mother.  And, the energy to be the best, most healthy version of yourself that you see when you dream of your future.

Secrets to Gaining Energy:   Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time

Tip 1 – Check your sleep

Sleep is key for energy.  For many of us, this is easier said than done. But if you’re constantly tired, your body is going to look for energy, usually in the form or sugar or caffeine.

Power down an hour earlier than usual or sleep in an extra 30 min. and notice how your cravings disappear.

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Secrets to Gaining Energy:   Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the timeTip 2 – Protein

We have to learn what our body needs.  Our body will communicate with us and tell us exactly what it needs.  

The problem with this is that over the years of yo-yo dieting that we stop being able to interpret the signals that our body gives us.  We get used to bloating, lack of energy and poor digestion.    

One thing I do with my clients is help them figure out which protein gives them the most energy and which takes it away.  So, I suggest to my clients that they play around with different types of protein. 

For example try different types of vegetable proteins and animal proteins at different times of the day.  Get a feel for what you body needs most, by getting curious and seeing what protein gives you the most energy and then like wise which ones take it.

Tip 3- What is draining you

When I started feeling drained I asked myself a simple question. “What do you think is draining all your energy?”  

Immediately tons of ideas floated through my mind.  Events at work, situations with my schedules, activities that kept me on my feet without time to recoup.  

Even though the things draining me weren’t negative necessarily, the effect they were having on my body built up over time and exhausted me.   

So, if you’re feeling tired all the time ask yourself what is causing it.  Make a list of what drains you and see what you can change to start gaining energy back.

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Secrets to Gaining Energy:   Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time

Tip 4 – Know what recharges you

When I was feeling exhausted everyday starting about 4 pm, I made a list of what was draining me and causing me to be wiped out.
But just know what was making tired didn’t fix the feeling. My friend asked me, “What activities make you feel revitalized?”
I listed things like yoga, listening to music, laughing with friends, rocking on porch swing, reading a good book, cooking, listening to inspirational podcast or quiet meditation/prayer.
So ask yourself, “What recharges your battery?” Then do it!
One of my favorites revitalizing activities that quickly changes me from sleepy to ready to rock (so to speak), is listening to music loudly. Recently on a drive home from work I turned up my JT and sang along and even dance a bit.
It a great way to shake off the day. By the time I get home I feel refreshed.

Tip 5 – Waiting too long to eat when you’re hungry

Waiting too long to eat when you’re hungry is a sure fire way to zap your energy.Food is fuel.

So if you are not taking in the fuel your body needs or eating only processed food that won’t nourish your body then your energy level can definitely say good bye.

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Tip 6 – Over Eating

Tips for How to Eat for Plus Size Weight LossJust as waiting too long to eat can melt your energy, over eating can cause you to feel wiped out. This is all caused from the over production of insulin and low blood sugar.

When we over eat, extra insulin is released to help process the sugar over load that came from over indulging. Basically your body will keep producing the insulin until your brain tells it that it now has safe blood sugar levels.

Usually by the time the signal finally comes from the brain that the blood sugar is level, too much sugar has removed. This means now you have low blood sugar which will leave you, you guessed it, tired.

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Tip 7 – Sugar Cravings

Sugar Cravings are a reality when you spend time on the blood sugar roller coaster. When it isWho is ready for tips on how to quit sugar?  Let's unpack those crazy sugar cravings, discover the benefits of reducing sugar for our body, and how develop a plan to say bye-bye sugar! constantly going up and down, our body will try to help balance everything out by craving sugar and carbohydrates. It is searching for balance and wanting it quickly.

The thing is sugar not only tries to control our bodies, but our thoughts as well. What do I mean?

Do you ever think to yourself “I’ll never control my cravings” or “Sugar is how I relieve stress”. We can control thoughts like those when we understand why they are happening. Up until now sugar has been controlling us, now it’s time to let go and take that control back.

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It’s Your Time

It’s your time my friend,It’s time to be bold and take control back on your life and your health.Do one of these tips today to help you feel revived.Share this blog post with your friends and family.Let’s help other women break from from that tired overwhelmed feeling.


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Secrets to Gaining Energy: Women it’s time to Stop feeling tired and exhausted all the time