Unique Habits to Confidently Unleash Your Success

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Online Women Entrepreneurs!

The daily habits of successful people are great motivations for women looking for a better life. As a girl boss, discovering ideas to start everyday with productive business habits can be empowering and life changing.  These Top 10 Habits are the things that set the high achievers apart from the struggling side hustler.  
If you:
  • are a go getter that has big dreams
  • are a woman willing to do the work to accomplish her goals
  • have habits that are holding you back from fulling reaching your goals
  • are wanting to establish new habits to go to the next level of your business
  • keep setting goals, but haven’t seen the achievement that you want to see
  • feel like your success is trapped inside of you and your ready share it with the world
Then grab your notebook. Get ready to take a few quick notes on TOP 10 HABITS that will have you confidently unleashing your success.

Are you doing all the work, but still feel like your business is stuck?


My Turning Point 

Having the habits to reach my full potential wasn’t always second nature to me. To be honest, a few of them I still have to work on. However, the progress I have made in my own Life Coaching Business has been life changing.

I remember one rough Saturday morning. I was sitting in my favorite chair in the living room, blanket on my lap, checking my google analytics and client list.

I was so discouraged.

The growth to my business and traffic to my website was growing, but slowly. At the rate I was going, I would have to be in business 15 years before I was reaching my goals. That was not what I wanted.

I was struggling.  The feeling of overwhelm and uncertainty were setting in. I needed help.


So, I sucked up my emotions and tried to be analytical for a few minutes. I started doing a little bit of self coaching.  (Isn’t that what life coaches do?)

I started looking at my daily activities. I listed them all out on paper. Family, work, self care, social media, online, one-on-one client time…etc.

Next, I prioritized the items. I looked for things that would actually help me grow my business. I wanted to increase my productivity which is what I needed to unleash my success!

Here is what I found to help me.  This list of TOP 10 SUCCESS HABITS have not only changed my coaching business, but they have been the catalist for my one-on-one clients to get unstuck and move forward confidently.  

The Success Habits that High Achievers Rock daily in their business.

Brain Dump

I started brain dumping each night before bed. This lead me make the next days to do list, release worries, process lingering thoughts, and then be able to get a restful nights sleep. This was huge for me. I started sleeping better immediately. Research shows that people that sleep good are more productive when they are at work.  In the book Free to Focus by Michale Hyatt, he shares why sleep is key for entrepreneurs, “As neuroscientist Penelope A. Lewis explains, “Sleep-deprived people come up with fewer original ideas and also tend to stick with old strategies that may not continue to be effective.” Sis, if you want to be the entrepreneur that stands out to the crowd then you need to be catching your Z’s.

Organize your time / Block Schedule

Another habit I began doing is block scheduling and organizing my time. I prioritized my family time and self care by blocking it off first.  I then blocked off time for my key business actions, such as creating content and talking with clients.   I began to implement block scheduling in my business because it addressed a number of challenges I was facing at the time. Constant interruptions. Inability to spend focused time on specific issues. Conflicting schedules with clients.   
I found block scheduling to:
 1. Reduce anxiety
2. Get more done
3. Make more money


One habit that I have enjoyed embracing is automating parts of my schedule.

To do this, I went through my schedule and listed out all the activities that I was doing weekly in my business.

Then, I considered was which activities I could automate. I love automating the activities in my schedule that are needed, but not really my passion to complete.

For example, I use Meet Edgar to automate my Facebook and Instagram posts. Not all posts come from Meet Edgar. But when I have a full day that only have 10 minutes blocked off for social media, I can spend that on a live video or interacting with people.

I love this when I’m not feeling ultra creative. So look at things you are doing and see what you might could automate.


Similar to automation, I started delegating activities where I could. An example of this habit in my life was hiring a virtual assistant to set up my Active Campaign mail automation path. I’m decent with technology, good actually, but when I switched from Mail Chimp, I found myself unsure of the new system. Instead of spending 8 hours figuring it all out myself, I paid someone that to do it in 3 hours. It saved me hours of time and frustration that I was able to spend engaged in more productive activities.


Sometimes one of the hardest habits to implement in your business is to get into the habit of eliminating things that are not serving you or your business.

This could be to no longer watch Netflix on the nights you have set aside for working. It could be turning off your social media alerts when you are typing your blog.

Each of of us have different distractions that slow down or stop our productivity. With some reflection, you can discover what is stopping you from having the success you want.


I found getting in to the habit of collaborating with others was beneficial for my business growth. I love to have dual Facebook Lives that get you infant of other peoples audiences. Not only is it fun, but it expands your reach and provides your audience with quality content from other professionals. Similarly participating in master mind groups can help you grow professional and personally as you collaborate with other entrepreneurs that can relate to your business journey.

Say No, Nicely

Sometimes we just have to say no when so many requests are coming in to you. If you don’t learn to say no, you will find yourself doing things that will slow down your productivity. The good news it you can say no nicely, but firmly. A simple, “Congratulations of the fun program event you are putting together. Unfortunately, my schedule is full at that time. However, I wish you the best on your event.” They don’t have to know your schedule is blocked off for self care, time in the back yard with your kids, or to write on your blog. This really is simply getting in the habit of honoring how you have blocked off your schedule.

Honor Your Niche

Getting in the habit of honoring your niche. This will keep you focused and providing content that will appeal to your audience. Ultimately it will lead to sales. It will also help keep you from going on tangents with projects that will not make you money in the long term. So stay focused on your niche and provide it top notch service and content.

Be Uniquely You

When we are new to business it is so easy to imitate the exciting successful leaders of the industry. However sister, I want to encourage you to be uniquely. Get in the habit now of being who you are. Your audience follows you for you and how you help them.

Next Steps:

What part of today’s blog spoke to you?  Go with your gut.  The part of you when you were reading that said… yep that is me.

Ready to learn more about unleashing your success?
I’ve helped women entrepreneurs like you learn all about ending the mental stress and struggles that comes with building a business, so you can:


  • Feel confident in your choices and decisions for your life and business.
  • Develop a step by step plan and get unstuck, so you can stop stressing, and finally get stuff done.
  • Feel focused and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes.
  • Experience a more balanced life and renew your mind, so you can feel like the best version of yourself in both business and your family.

Now is your time to make your dreams a reality!

Truth is that building a strong confident mindset, reducing stress, and learning to anchor habits into long term actions is the KEY to building a money making business.


Angela Naumann,

Certified Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur

Angela Naumann 

Life Coach to the Female Entrepreneur that is ready to transform her life!

About Me


Congratulations on deciding to do this for yourself.  It’s your time!  I am so excited that you are showing up for yourself by reading my blog.   It is my hope that my blog posts will inspire you and give you simple practical steps to rock your best life.  

Who is this blog for: 

  • Women that are working hard to grow their online business.
  • They have a product or service that they have created and they are working to bring it to the world.
  • Women that although the are go getters and do all the right things, they have some mindset issues or limiting beliefs that seem to be holding them back.
  • Women that are want to transform their life and business, and Sister, they are willing to renew their mind to do it.
  • Women that get stressed and overwhelmed to the point that their life and business seem to suffer.
  • Women that are determined to not stay in that stress and overwhelm, but are ready to uncover what is holding them back so they can move forward.
  • Women that may have some old limiting habits they want to break, and in turn build new habits that will last.

Who am I?

I am Angela Naumann, boymom, bookie nerd, and amateur wine taster. I’ve been married for over 20 years and love to go on adventures with my family. 

After 20+ years of my own entrepreneurial and personal growth journey, I became a life coach for women that sometimes needed a “Yoda” in their life. 

I help the female entrepreneur that is stressed out, not getting stuff done, wondering how to balance life while not be a moody witch.  With a practical step by step plan, I guide you to renew your mind, build confidence, and balance life.  So you can stop stressing and get stuff done, feel stronger, and more confident as you show the world you do have what it takes. 

I’m excited to be on this journey with you!  


Angela Naumann

What people are saying….

“I’m nearing the end of my 12 week program, and although I was hesitant to open up and dig deep, I’m glad I did this! Angela has helped me peel back the layers to discover what’s been holding me back in progressing in my health journey. My mindset has done a complete 180! I don’t let food control my life, and it no longer hinders other areas outside of my health. I feel confident in making healthy choices, and that hasn’t always been the case. I’m beyond thankful for Angela and the encouragement she has given me. Putting all of her practices in place have truly helped me transform my health, and I’m thrilled for a healthier and happier me!”


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