Most people think attracting a good team is all about showing them success and providing a sales and marketing system that is easy to follow.

Hey, I get it.  There are so many people out their team by sharing the sales and marketing system that they used to grow with others. And since they are making money so it’s easy to believe.   

BUT, we all know just because you have a successful sales and marketing system in place doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.  And we all know people that have joined teams and had access to the perfect system, but didn’t have the success.  

And just because you are successful, doesn’t make people want to join your team.  Think of all the times you knew of someone with great sales, but they rarely recruited a new team member.  

In fact if you keep thinking that the success plus the right system is all you need, you could be repelling your ideal team member.

So let’s talk about what you need to confidently attract your Tribe.

Confidently Attract Your Tribe

  • Your tribe members are the people that will just ‘get’ you. They will share in your interests, they will cheer you on when you succeed, and commiserate with you in your failures.
    • Start with Yourself
    • Know Your Niche
      • What are you good at?
      • What do you enjoy?
      • Of your skills, what problem can they solve and who would they help? (Who is your target customer/ client)
      • Who do you help, what problems do you solve
      • Get specific – Not for the masses
    • Be Yourself (Imitation syndrome)
    • Be Active/ Engage with Others
      • Reach out
      • Honor your word
      • Listen
    • Show Support and Collaboration 
    • Gratitude Mindset
    • Confidence
    • Share your growth and how you step out of your comfort zone

So let me ask you.  Do you really want to keep hoping that you will become the type of leader others want to follow OR do you want to move into the mindset of a top recruiter, team leader,  and start seeing your influence grow as a leader.

If your the type of person, who wants to work on your mindset and your confidence so you have what every successful person has…… then grab my high performance mindset cheat sheet and I’ll show you 10 things that all high achievers have that set them apart.  

Did you know that success starts on the inside?

  • I believe that to BE a successful entrepreneur and networker you have to develop the mindset for a high achiever. 
  • This is why I have created my Mindset cheatsheet to help you step into the mindset of the high achiever and start cracking your unique code for success.  I want to show you how to think, act and and get the results of the high performer.
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