In this episode Kayse and I dive deep into how she went from classroom teacher to 7-figure business owner with a passion to helping other teachers.  She shares the mindset struggles and challenges that made her stronger and more empowered than ever. This is a do not miss episode!

Kayse has created a 7-figure business called Teaching On Less, LLC and through her online course called The CEO Teacher Academy, she teaches educators how to become thriving CEO Teachers by taking their best asset in the classroom to the online space with a course or membership. CEO Teachers are coached on how to create and market their online teaching resources and grow their business by creating online courses and memberships which make an impact and enable them to live their passion each day by reaching teachers and students all over the world.

The CEO Teacher Academy is a complete program that teaches you how to start a business, how to think like a teacherpreneur and how to create a sustainable business that you have complete control over. But more than that, The CEO Teacher Academy is a place where like-minded teachrepreneurs come together and support each other to build a business of their dreams. 

She’s been featured on Amazon LIVE, Georgia Public Television, and Sirius XM radio. 

Did you know that success starts on the inside?

  • I believe that to BE a successful entrepreneur and networker you have to develop the mindset for a high achiever.   This means telling your inner mean girl to shut the f*ck up.  
  • This is why I have created my 5 Steps to Silencing Your Inner Mean Girl Guide. This is designed to help you step into the mindset of the high performer and start cracking your unique code for success.  I want to show you how to manage that inner critic, so you can start to think, act and and get the results of the high performer. Grab my cheatsheet here: 
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About Angela:

I am a certified life coach and high performance mentor to women building their dream career and life. I help them implement a step by step system to:

  • Stop the Trash Talk in your head that is making you crazed
  • Break through the glass ceiling you put on yourself (grab a hammer!), so you can reach the goals that always seem just out of reach. (Hello 6 figures)
  • Manage the mean girl in your head so you can actually start hitting the big goals that just always seem out of reach.  (B*tch Doesn’t Stand a Chance) 
  • Get clarity on your future, stopping the confusion on what to do next
  • Ditch the overwhelm for harmony so you can actually enjoy the journey.
  • Ditch the “I’m not good enough.” witchy inner critic so you can attract your soul mate clients and customers to you
  • Find freedom from people pleasing, perfectionism and being a control freak. (Don’t just hide the crazy, be free!)
  • Build a life you don’t need to numb your way through
  • Drop the half-*ss habits that are sabotaging your business and establish success habits that will actually move you into high performance.
  • Move into a high achievers mindset and start BEing  a Courageous, Confident Curvy CEO of your life!

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