There is no such thing as “Hell Maybe!” —  Friend, How much money have you made in proposals in the last 30 days?  

The industry is full of marketing, messaging, and funnels… but does that consistently bring you clients?  

When coaches rely on external marketing instead of conversations and connection, they find themselves with no idea how to create a client and make the proposal that ends in new bookings.  

If it did, the thousands of online coaches would be rolling in the dough, because the web is crawling with the marketing funnels and online ads.  

The truth is, that just doesn’t happen.  

There is another way.  It is natural and full of ease.  It is the way that takes you from client-less coach to Master Client Creating Coach!  

Which are you, A Client-less Coach or a Master Client Creating Coach? 

When you are a Client-Less Struggling Coach you:

  • rely on complex marketing to sign clients
  • spend their time, energy and money on “getting the word out”
  • worry about mistakes, feel like an imposter
  • Feel stressed when it comes time to ask for the money
  • Have never had a coach
  • Worried about doing it all just right.  If it is not perfect, then it’s not time.
  • Anxious about what others think.  People pleasers at their best
  • Thinks getting clients is the hard part
  • Think they need another plan, strategy or guru to help them.

When you are a master client creating coach you:

  • Don’t rely on complex marketing to sign clients, you know connection and conversation is the key
  • Spend their time and  energy having conversations and meeting people
  • don’t worry about mistakes, they know they are a part of the process
  • Look forward to the selling of the coaching process and the transformation
  • Believe in coaching not just for their client but for themselves.
  • Serve people, no more trying to please them
  • Knows there is no “hard” part, they have fun with the business side of coaching just as much as they do with a client. 

So I ask you again.  Which are you, A Client-less Struggling Coach or a Master Client Creating Coach? 

If you are ready to shift from struggling to masterful coach, I can help.  

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