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Episode 43 – When Things Don’t Go as Planned!

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When Things Don’t Go as PLanned


Season 1, Episode 43    |    14min

Have you had it happen that you plan out how you will achieve a goal or make something happen in your life, but things just don’t work out as planned?  

We all have!  Right now with the Rona we all can relate.

I don’t know about you, but I had Easter plans, a dinner with friends planned, a weekend at my mom’s planned, school for my kids, and even the event I hosted several weeks back at the beginning of all the Rona craziness, just didn’t go as planned.  Over 100 people committed and a fraction of that number showed up.  

Things just didn’t Go as planned. – My webinar results were not what I wanted.

For Most people it’s common to not get the results and  to then let your emotions take over.

Those emotions can be different kinds:

    • Pity party
    • Victim
    • Fear, anxiety
    • Hopelessness 

It’s ok to have negative emotions (life is 50/50 ish on emotions)

So for me when my webinar didn’t go as planned I had a little pity party for about an hour, went to bed and work up feeling anxious to make my goals happen.

This was progress.  Used to this would take me down for days…

Passive action, hiding behind my computer screen, or worse new thoughts of how “I can’t make it happen”… which set you back even more.

But when you have a biz you have to be aware of the root of your emotion – 

I learned a long time ago I cannot work my business in anxiousness and get the results I want.  

Here is why:

Anxiousness/ fear

  • People can sense it and it repels
  • Blocks inspiration
  • Focuses on self instead of serving others

So I like to feel the feels and then do the thought work to process out of the negative feelings into productive feelings that will lead me to the actions I need to get the results I want.

See the way the brain works is: 

Thoughts drive our emotions, emotions drive our actions and our actions give us results.

So when my webinar tanked at the beginning of the Rona, I went into a thought download.

We can decide our thoughts and emotions.  

  • What emotion am I feeling?
  • How is it Working for me?
  • Do I want to change it?

Do I want to stay in this emotion? 

Here is what I love  about when things don’t go as planned…. I get to grow,  I get to learn,… I get to build lay one more brick on the path to my success.

It’s a journey, my friends.  Success is on the other side of the challenges… the opportunities to grow and expand.

So If your plans are not happening the way you want and you need a bit of help to get past the funk of that reach out.


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