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Episode 44 –

Why You Need to Ditch Being Knocked Down by NO!

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Why You Need to Ditch Being Knocked Down by NO!

Season 1, Episode 44   |    15min

The other day I asked my Husband what transformations he has noticed in me from the beginning of my business till now.  

He looked at me and said, “You used to fall apart when you got a No, now it doesn’t phase you.”  

This really got me curious as to how I made this shift.  

So if you are someone that fall apart when you get a no, and you want to become that quickly moves on to the yes, then this is for you.  

It wasn’t too long ago, maybe 5-7 years.  I remember having calls with prospects, or just plain no shows to appointments, and when I got the NO or NO show, I would be so down.  

I would start thinking that I must have done something wrong.  My inner mean girl would whisper things like, “See they don’t see you as a professional either.”  

I was so tied up in the outcome of one appointment that when it did happen as I hoped then I was thrown for a loop.  

I would hit a cycle.  

Get the No -> Become an emotional mess -> Start doubting myself (even if I looked like I had it together) -> Get back to my goals (but with uncertainty and a greater sense of Urgency to make it happen) 

You would think hitting that greater sense of urgency would be a good thing.  And it would if I came with a positive, abundant mindset.  But instead I had a sense of urgency that was surrounded with fear and worry.  

And what happens when we approach our business with fear and worry — Not much that’s what.  

Here is why:

-We put out a negative energy that invites more negativity into our lives.

-We repel those we are seeking to attract with the low vibe we put off.

-We approach all our activities with negative thoughts and emotions and that will always lead to half-assed results at best.

For me it also:

-Made me a moody witch

-Caused me to have trouble sleeping

-Filled me with uncertainty

-Filled me with a lack of clarity on what exactly I wanted because in fear it’s hard to see possibilities.  

I found my way out of that “messy” mindset when I started learning to manage my mind.  

I’m not talking about saying a few affirmations.  NO, that alone doesn’t work.  I’m talking about learning to control my thoughts.  

When I started taking ownership of my thoughts, I started to be able to shift out of the emotional hot mess that was struggling to find success, to the person I am now.  

Here is why.

Thoughts create our emotions, and our emotions drive out actions, and our actions create our results.  

So for me to start changing my results it was a simple as learning how to start changing my thoughts into thoughts that served who I wanted to be and the goals I had.

The Thought Model is the most powerful way I have found to speed up your results and have higher achievement.

As a life coach, I love help online business women who are already consistently working and crushing it to create faster results and higher achievements.  Together we work, using the Thought Model, to pinpointing what is keeping you from getting outcomes they want, so they can confidently wear that Super-CEO cape.

Here’s a Hint: you already know how to build a business.  It isn’t what you are missing.  It’s your beliefs that are keeping you from getting the results you want and has nothing to do with your funnel, email list, or marketing strategy.  But, It does have everything to do with what is going on inside of you.  

To shift from slow progress to super powered, You need to shift into the mindset of a Super CEO.  She is confident, empowered and magically aligns all areas of her life.  To do this she needs the Thought Model. 

When we get on a consultation together and look at what results you’re currently experiencing, we will figure out together what it is that is actually keeping you from creating more money, more clients, and more impact.  

It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s up to you. DM  or email me for a complimentary consultation. angela@angelanaumann.com 


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