Do you want to continue working your business struggling to get clients and believing the lies your inner mean girl whispers to you?

Discover Expert Tips to Move from Struggling Self Critic to Confidently Booked Coach

Welcome You Gorgeous Confident Coach!

Are you ready to stop the mean girl in your head, drop the half-*ss habits that are sabotaging your business, and start BEing the Courageous, Confident Coach that naturally attracts clients?

 I can help! 


Hi, I am Angela!

I am a certified life coach and high performance mentor to women building their dream coaching career and life.   I help them implement a step by step system to:

  • Figure out why you’re not attracting clients.
  • Discover why you haven’t been able to stop the Trash Talk in your head that is making you doubt yourself.
  • Learn what you need to start being the confident coach that impacts others.
  • Get clarity on your future, stopping the confusion on what to do next.
  • Ditch the overwhelm for harmony.
  • Ditch the “I’m not good enough.” witchy inner critic, so you can feeling and being unstoppable.
  • Find freedom from people pleasing, perfectionism and being a control freak. (Don’t just hide the crazy, be free!)
  • Build a strategy to be more visible so you soulmate client can find you.
  • Drop the half-*ss habits that are a hazard to your business and start making bank $.
  • Move into a high achievers mindset and start BEing a Courageous, Confident Coach you know is inside of you!

Ready to stop the doubt & start confidently attracting clients?

✔️Unique Steps to Stop the Critical Self Talk Sabotaging Business
✔️Unique Mindset Tips for Naturally Attracting Clients
✔️Expert Secrets to Move from Struggling Self Critic to Confidently Booked

It’s time to:

Feel worthy of the dreams and desires inside of you and take needed action to develop leadership skills that will explode your business without fear and doubt slowing them down.

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By helping you transform your mindset, you’ll transform your life and business…

I’ll show you how to move in to a high performance mindset, build success habits and  increase productivity while you leverage your talents and personality and move past self-sabotage and fear.

I’ll show you how to consistently:

Result 1

Manage your mind to ensure your success with your sales and recruiting.

Result 2

Overcome your fears that are stalling your success and keeping you from building your team.

Result 3

Discover a new level of commitment to yourself and your dreams by creating a powerful vision of your future.

Result 4

Act courageously as you move through your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.

Result 5

Develop your capability to set goals and actually reach them.  Finally the leader with the loyal following you have dreamed of.

Result 6

Create  the confidence that comes from no longer being afraid of failure and struggles. Instead attract your ideal tribe  and clients with confidence and rock star attitude.